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Councilor Adam Roof has called Burlington home since 2007 and has dedicated the past decade making his community a better place to live, work, learn, and play.

First elected in 2015, Adam is the first City Councilor to represent Ward 8 , an area in Burlington that includes neighborhoods surrounding the University of Vermont and much of the campus itself. During his first term, Adam has served as Chair of the
Community Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee and the Public Safety Committee. Additionally, he has served on the Institutions Committee, Human Resources Committee, as well as a host of ad hoc committees and working groups. He also has served as a Council representative on the Parallel Justice Commission, Vehicle for Hire Licensing Board, and the UVM Community Coalition.

In a time when the divisive culture in our politics is becoming unbearable to so many, Adam is running a positive, issue-based campaign focused on forming coalitions built upon common ground. He believes now more than ever that Burlington should come together around policies that unite us and be welcoming to a diversity of thought in our community dialogue.  

Adam is humbly seeking re-election this coming Town Meeting Day on March 6, 2018.

Adam believes that sexual assault and gender violence deserves the attention of political leaders, especially men.

In response to input from constituents, Adam partnered with students and recent graduates to plan and announce his Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative. This initiative began with a policy review of the City’s sexual assault and workplace harassment policy for its nearly 700 employees. The Initiative also moved forward the creation of a City-funded pilot program that brings bystander intervention training to service staff at bars and nightclubs in Burlington’s Downtown. As a former bartender, Adam knows the impact responsible intervention can have in this environment. The training was developed locally in partnership with HOPE Works and nightlife industry professionals and will be delivered for the first time in February 2018.

Sexual violence is an issue in every community and deserves special attention in communities that are home to colleges and universities. The 2014 Not Alone Report by White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault found “one in five women is sexually assaulted in college.” It has also been shown those aged 18-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing sexual assault or gender violence.

Ward 8 and all of Burlington is home to many students and young people demanding progress on the systemic problem of sexual assault and gender violence -  Adam is dedicated to his promise to lead on this issue.
Sexual Assault Prevention Initiative
Affordable, Quality, and Fair Housing

Creating and protecting affordable housing is one of Adam’s central priorities, and he has delivered. Since joining the Council in 2015, Adam has voted in support of bringing more than 230 new affordable homes into our community. 

Adam supports efforts by the City's Department of Code Enforcement to hold landlords accountable and to protect the rights of renters. The adoption of a new landlord rating system will make public code violations by landlords so renters can make better decisions about where to rent. Adam also strongly supports raising minimum housing standards to ensure better living conditions for renters, an effort underway currently. A renter himself, Adam knows the issues that renters face on a daily basis. Adam gives special attention to supporting renters in disputes related to security deposits; a request for a deposit dispute hearing can be made here

Adam supports Burlington’s Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) Ordinance  which requires housing developers to dedicate a certain percentage of housing units in their project to be perpetually affordable. “Affordable” is defined as costing no more than 30% of annual income to housing and Burlingtonians, on average, pay over 40% of their income on housing. Income levels are defined at the federal level by the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Adam disagrees with how they are defined. The IZ Ordinance is currently being reviewed by a City Council sub-committee and Adam is advocating for the consideration of a different affordability standard that more accurately represents Burlington income levels and needs.

Adam also supports affordable, quality, and fair housing through his involvement with the Neighborhood Project . This project aims to create an overall strategy and toolkit of policies and programs for enhancing neighborhood quality of life in the historic neighborhoods surrounding Champlain College and UVM.

Adam believes that unless the community competes in the marketplace for owner-occupied properties, we will continue to see single-family homes go to buyers who are not looking to invest in the property and community. A long-term vision for intervening in the housing market is required and without bold political leadership, the changes these neighborhoods need will not come. Next steps for this project are planned to come to the Community Development and Neighborhood Revitalization Committee in the Spring. 

This project is ongoing and will benefit from public input. To participate in the public process, you can fill out this survey .
​​The Neighborhood Project

In the summer of 2017, there was a cry from the public for the City Council to respond to certain behaviors and violence occurring within the homeless community. In response to what Adam viewed as a narrow response to a complex issue, he drafted a Council Resolution that brought together a diverse set of stakeholders, including service and care providers, law enforcement, and members of the homeless community to examine how the City Council could do more for the homeless and those organizations that support the homeless. The resolution earned broad support from the Council and community.

The public process for this initiative was robust and included six public meetings over five months. The Public Safety Committee voted on a set of seven recommendations in early 2017 which are slated for adoption by the City Council on January 22, 2018. You can review the recommendations here .

Adam also supports the low-barrier homeless shelter by helping bring their digital volunteer management system online.
Supporting the Homeless

Adam believes in the promise of technology and that cities can benefit when they function as laboratories for innovation. With first-rate educational institutions and broadband connectivity, Burlington is well positioned to be a City that thrives in the digital age.

Adam has supported BTV Ignite  which works to “help entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses, residents and newcomers find great job opportunities and develop new skills, researchers discover new knowledge and build innovations, and students prepare for the world of today and tomorrow.”

Adam also served on Burlington's Innovation Challenge which aims to improve the City’s ability to provide constituent services through the development of a digital “311” system to Burlington.
Fostering Innovation
Promoting Involvement in the Democratic Process

Adam has fought to remove Political Party labels on ballots for local elections. He believes that partisan politics too often gets in the way of community dialogue and turns people off from entering the democratic process.

Adam has also worked to make voting easier and more accessible by championing a 
proposal to universalize polling locations . This proposal aimed to allow any Burlington resident to vote at any of the eight polling locations throughout the city on Election Day.

In response to the epidemic of low voter turnout that disproportionately impacts vulnerable communities in American elections, Adam believes that municipal governments need to re-envision how elections are administered and ensure they are more equitable.
In Defense of Public Discourse

Adam believes respect is crucial when engaging in public dialogue. He has consistently stood up to those who bring negativity and vitriol into public debate, as it causes others to avoid participating in the democratic process. In a letter to constituents in response to threats during the Burlington Telecom sale process, Adam issued the following statement:

"Over the last week or so I’ve taken calls where I’ve received outright political threats and harassment. Last week I answered a call from a blocked number informing me that if I did not vote for KBTL I would 'have a target on my back' and that 'capitalist pigs will be slaughtered.'

These threats are as tasteful as they are effective. Threats of this sort will never impact how I vote. I will stand up to threats directed at me, at my colleagues, at City staff, and my neighbors. For those weak enough to resort to threats and vitriol, I welcome such political challenge and invite you to join me on the full public stage.

I'm eternally encouraged, however, that the majority of Burlingtonians are kind and thoughtful people who realize that far more unites us than divides us.”

The sale of Burlington Telecom was an endlessly complex issue involving the sale of a large business enterprise in a highly political environment. Details are best explained in his statement related to the sale, found  here .

The final 
Asset Purchase Agreement was approved on December 27, 2017.
Statement on Burlington Telecom
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